Madeleine Keesing, ‘Untitled  ’, 2018, Goya Contemporary/Goya-Girl Press

About Madeleine Keesing

Madeleine Keesing creates her highly meditative paintings by meticulously applying and layering paint drops on the canvas in tactile and uniform horizontal lines. Coming out of a formalist-modernist tradition, Keesing has distinguished herself as a tapestrial painter. “Each droplet could be compared to the perfect knot of an ancient rug,” one critic has said. “Ms. Keesing applies her paint with the dedication and care of both a medieval weaver and a manuscript illuminator.” Though her process is highly controlled, Keesing says it allows for the paintings to take “a life of their own” and that she is often surprised by her works’ final outcomes and the meanings they acquire once situated in a museum or home.

American, b. 1941, Woodbury, New Jersey