Maerten van Heemskerck, ‘Portret van een oudere vrouw (Portrait of an Elderly Woman)’, c. 1530, Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR)

Private Collection

Image rights: Image provided by the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR), Brussels

"Faces Then: Renaissance Portraits from the Low Countries"

Venue: Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR), Brussels (2015)

About Maerten van Heemskerck

Maarten van Heemskerck was a draftsman, painter, and engraver who worked in and helped popularize the Italianate style among Dutch artists. Heemskerck was first exposed to the Italianate style through Jan van Scorel, and decided to further his artistic training by studying on his own in Rome. While in Italy, he made copious studies of architecture, medieval monuments, frescoes, and the art of the time; he honed his understanding of the human body by drawing sculptures. When he resettled in Haarlem again after his trip, van Heemskerck used his drawings of Rome as an encyclopedia of references for subsequent paintings. His later prints were widely distributed, and came to influence a number of younger Dutch artists, including Rembrandt van Rijn.

Dutch , June 1, 1498 - October 1, 1574, Heemskerck, Netherlands, based in Haarlem, Netherlands

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