Magdalene Odundo, ‘Spring’, 2011, Collect: Benefit Auction 2017


Dated: Pilchuck 2011. This print was created during the artist's residency at Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle, WA

Signature: Signed.

Image rights: Donation courtesy the artist and Anthony Slayter-Ralph fine art

About Magdalene Odundo

Best known for her hand-built ceramics, Kenyan-born British designer Magdalene Odundo originally trained as a graphic designer. Her pieces are not made traditionally using a wheel, but are instead creating using a coiling technique. Her pieces are left unglazed and are burnished by hand, turning red-orange clay pieces into black pots or vessels that are as distinctive in their color as they are in the forms she creates by hand. Amorphous in shape yet resembling the human body in curvature and sinuosity, the pots are vehicles for thinking about the human body and its relationship to space. Her influences vary widely, from Cycladic figures to modern sculpture by Jean Arp and Constantin Brancusi.

Kenyan, b. 1950, Kenya, based in Surrey, United Kingdom

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