Magnus Gjoen, ‘NO ONE BUT DEATH SHALL PART US’, 2017, Flat Space Art

Magnus Gjoen is a London born artist with an impressive fashion background, having studied fashion design in London and Milan and having worked for Vivienne Westwood amongst others. Gjoen takes inspiration from street and pop art fusing it with fine art, to question beliefs between religion, war beauty, destruction and art. His art is simultaneously at once uplifting and damning; a salvation for a godless generation. Updating old masterpieces and presenting them in a new way has always been Gjoen's prerogative, where he expertly manages the balance between old and contemporary. NO ONE BUT DEATH SHALL PART US explores the concept of mortality where the bright teal skull contrasts with the painted flowers to trigger discussion for the viewer. Both timeless motifs, this particular image was also used as cover art for a music album. Invest in Art, Art is for Life!

About Magnus Gjoen