Mahmoud Hamadani, ‘(Untitled) Requiem’, 2014, Dubner Moderne

About Mahmoud Hamadani

Mahmoud Hamadani’s delicate, monochromatic ink drawings explore art’s ability to manifest existential pursuits, such as the attainment of peace and enlightenment. Working in series, Hamandani creates exquisitely minimalist works that engage a meditative, visual rhythm inspired by ancient Persian poetry, traditional Chinese painting, and the numerical Fibonacci sequence. In his “Endless Roads” drawings, deep black ink trickles down pure white substrates, creating abstract systems of lines that resemble ethereal spider webs, riverbeds, or meandering paths. He describes the series as a “mapping of the unending and abstract nature of pursuit of beauty and meaning—what Borges intimates as ‘the human game of nights and day’ and Rumi refers to as the ‘search for that which cannot be found.’”

Iranian, b. 1958, Iran, based in New York, New York

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