Maja Bajevic, ‘Arts, Crafts and Facts (Installation view)’, 2015, 56th Venice Biennale
Maja Bajevic, ‘Arts, Crafts and Facts (Installation view)’, 2015, 56th Venice Biennale

Image rights: Photo by Alex John Beck for Artsy.

"All the World’s Futures”

Venue: Central Pavilion in the Giardini, Venice (2015)

About Maja Bajevic

Born in Sarajevo, and witness to the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, Maja Bajevic addresses abuses of power and religion, geopolitics, violence, and globalization in her work. As she once stated: “Since neither the war nor political games avoided me, I could not avoid them later on.” Through videos, performances, installations, and photographs, she gives voice to those whose lives are destroyed by local and global power struggles. She is especially interested in foregrounding women and minority populations, groups excluded from cultural and historical narratives. She is also keen to reveal the fragility of nations and the manipulation underlying nationalist expressions. Her work has been included in two Venice Biennales and celebrated worldwide. Bajevic also founded Fast Forward, a platform for art, culture, and self-expression, through which she hopes to heal the world.

Bosnian, b. 1967, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, based in Paris, France

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