MAK, ‘Box Explosion’, 2017, Flat Space Art

Born Marize Koerich in a small island called Florianopolis in Southern Brazil, Marize was the first of seven children. Her father, a visionary entrepreneur and one of the greatest pioneers of this region, has gathered precious and varied experiences from his travels around the world, and from her mother she inherited a special taste for aesthetics, and arts and craft.

Her first gaze towards an inspiring image was brought to life at an early age when she tried to put on paper the silhouette of a milk bottle, which later began her challenge of being an artist has totally embraced her.
Having experimented with various art forms such as fashion design, branding, watercolour, ink, coal and graphite, more recently she has begun focusing on digital art, which considerably upgraded and expanded the range of possibilities.
After a period of time in Vienna, dedicated to visiting museums in 2015, she came to realize the absence of female artists throughout art history.
That fact marked an adamant turning point in MAK’s art vision and work, where she felt strongly compelled to use artwork fragments from iconic "male" artists but in a contemporary representation.

“Besides the role of a mother and having to look after the home as well as their husbands, the majority of women die anonymously, along with their intelligence, their art and their talents” - claims the artist.

Imperceptible behaviours permeate our daily lives stealing strength, space and limiting women’s possibilities. Box explosion is an invitation to deconstruct the discourse rooted in contemporary society through bright transparent coloured jewels in cyan, electric blue, green and golden hues.

Hi-Tech Industrial Print by Lancaster

Publisher: Lancaster

About MAK

Brazilian, Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, based in Brazil