MAK, ‘Fake Mona’, 2017, Flat Space Art
MAK, ‘Fake Mona’, 2017, Flat Space Art

FAKE MONA VINCI - Given the fact that women have been rather absent in art history, except when they are present as an object or a mere character, it is a very recurring theme for the artist to appropriate herself of masculine creations. She takes them out of museums and democratizes them, bringing them out to the streetlight, in a feminine version, inserted in contemporary daily life scenes.
The artist appropriates herself of the most famous painting of male creation (Leonardo da Vinci), transforming it into a feminine and contemporary version with brighter colours such as red, blue, yellow and green.

It is safe to say that Marize Roerich is arguably one of the most well renowned artists in Southern Brazil, her father is a visionary entrepreneur and one of the greatest pioneers of this region and a mother who has exquiste taste for only the very best aesthetics, arts and craft.

MAQ Art is impressive and is not short quite frankly the WOW factor. Its a mammoth piece, floor to ceiling in height. It is really strong. Rich in colours, a conversational piece by a mid career artist with potential for growth.

After a period of time in Vienna, dedicated to visiting museums in 2015, she commenced a new genre of works to realize the absence of female artists throughout art history. That fact marked an adamant turning point in MAK’s artistic vision and work, where she felt strongly compelled to use artwork fragments from iconic male artists however this time in a contemporary representation.

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Brazilian, Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, based in Brazil