Makiko Kudo, ‘Thrown away’, 2016, Tomio Koyama Gallery

About Makiko Kudo

Makikio Kudo’s works are based on mixtures of familiar objects and everyday experiences with the contents of her dreams and imagination. Her paintings are characterized by her fervent and expressive brushwork, vivid colors, and distinctive motifs; she frequently paints girls and small animals—or girls with small animals on their heads, a residual fascination from Kudo’s own childhood—amid lushly grown scenes. She has admitted that she tends to paint scenes of spring more often than the other seasons. Kudo works on a single large painting at a time, completing a work in seven to ten days. She tends to work visibly unevenly across the surface of her paintings, with some areas receiving one layer of paint, in contrast to the multiple layers in other areas.

Japanese, b. 1978