Makoto Saito, ‘Deep Learning’, 2017, Tomio Koyama Gallery

About Makoto Saito

Makoto Saito began his painting career in 2008, but he had received wide acclaim as an influential and radical graphic designer for over two decades. In his late adolescence, Saito pursued a career as a printmaker, which he then put on hold to focus on commercial work. His current pursuits in painting are deeply intimate and based on what he calls excerpts from his own perspective and observations. Saito is known to drastically distort his images and subjects, with blurring or abstracted forms. His early works were compositions made from reconstructed film stills, executed in heavy layers of paint. More recently, he has created portraits of iconic filmmakers and their best-known works, as well as intimate perspectives of the eroticized female body.

Japanese, b. 1952, Fukuoka, Japan, based in Tokyo, Japan