Malcolm Morley, ‘Untitled’, 1975, Rago

29" x 24.5" (sheet)

Signature: Signed and dated

Private Collection, New York

About Malcolm Morley

British artist Malcolm Morley is best known for his hyperreal paintings and sculptures that pull subject matter from Old Masters, family portraits, current events, travel brochures, and other visual detritus. Using a grid system to transfer the images onto canvas—reminiscent of the Minimalist grid—he also transfers the borders, tears, and folds in order to foreground the objecthood of the image. Of his attempt to move beyond the strictures of photorealism, Morley says, “I make a handmade painting from a readymade.” Dissatisfied with merely reproducing the image, he draws from the vivid colors of Pop Art and collage techniques to further draw attention to the image as an object.

British, 1931-2018, London, United Kingdom, based in New York, New York