Malekeh Nayiny, ‘Reflection’, 2013, Janet Rady Fine Art

About Malekeh Nayiny

Malakeh Nayiny mines her archives of personal photographs, manipulating them to create images that collapse her diverse geographic background into single compositions. Born in Iran, Nayiny studied art in New York and later settled in Paris. Juxtaposing different cultural elements in her work, she attempts to make sense of her personal narratives, especially in relation to Iran’s revolutionary history. In her series “Updating a Family Album,” she alters and collages together old photographs of her Persian family, situating black-and-white figures against props such as Barbie dolls, or backgrounds consisting of postage stamps from modern Iran—both of which evoke the country’s cultural tensions. Another series, “Past Residue,” consists of sexually forward images of females in advertising from pre-revolution Iran, serving as a reminder of the starkly different attitudes toward female liberation that are embedded in the country’s history.

Iranian , b. 1955, Tehran, Iran, based in Paris, France