Malgosia Woznica, ‘flo\/\/’, 2011, Rhizome ArtBase

This video by Małgosia Woźnica aka v5mt presents a galcieal style of glitch. Rich in colorful flowing video distortions, the visuals unfold slowly in a vertically scanning stream of eerie helenistic imagrey, pop culture, and cryptographic typography, complimented by a subtle soundtrack of droning oscilations.

About Malgosia Woznica

Malgosia Woznica, otherwise known as V5mt, creates programming glitch art. For the video flo\/\/ (2011), Woznica drew imagery from the Hellenistic age, pop culture, and cryptographic typography, sampling images of iconic and ancient sculptures and photographs of celebrities. Accompanied by a droning soundtrack, the imagery is slowly distorted through effects created using the programming software Processing.