Malik Roberts, ‘Madonna and Child ’, 2017, ABXY

Madonna and Child was exhibited in Robert’s 20 17 solo show entitled, “Stolen,” which focussed on the misappropriation of black culture throughout history. In the foreground, the artist pictures a mother and child; in the background: an empty fridge, In juxtaposition to figure’s breast, the empty fridge suggests that while the woman can nourish her child with her body, it appears she does not have the ability to buy milk or nourish herself. With this comparison, Malik is exploring the idea of “nature vs. nurture:” what we are born with versus how our environments shape us. Breast milk comes to symbolize nature while the fridge symbolizes nurture, or the lack thereof. He shows both nature and nurture to be crucial, while underscoring the all too common contrast between our humanity and our environments.

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American, b. 1990, Brooklyn, NY, United States, based in Brooklyn, NY, United States

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