Manfred Mohr, ‘P-1414_148’, 2010, bitforms gallery

The rules of geometry, logic and mathematics are fundamental to the custom-authored algorithms that generate Manfred Mohr's artwork. his pieces have been based on the logical structure of cubes and hypercubes, including the lines, planes and relationships among them since 1971.
parallelResonance is a body of paintings and animations based on the 11-dimensional hypercube and uses diagonal paths as a compositional building block. Diagonal paths are all the combinatorial possibilities of connecting two opposite points through a hypercube network, passing through each dimension once.
In this series, tension fields of color are contained by expanded black and white lines that describe the hypercube form.

About Manfred Mohr

Influenced by his experience as a jazz musician and by German philosopher Max Bense’s theories on rational aesthetics, Manfred Mohr has been an innovator in the field of computer-generated art. To manipulate, for example, the myriad variations of the 11-dimension hypercube, Mohr created algorithms in FORTRAN programming language and printed them on flatbed plotters before the advent of laser printers. Mohr’s “Klangfarben” series (2008) features paintings and digital animation of brightly colored diagonal lines and intersecting planes against a flat black background.

German, b. 1938, Pforzheim, Germany