Manfred Willmann, ‘Untitled, from the series "Das Land" (1981 – 1993)’, 1982, PRISKA PASQUER

About Manfred Willmann

Manfred Willman appropriates the methods and forms of documentary photography to create vividly colorful, conceptual work. To emphasize the apparent lack of reportage in his images, Willman depicts people carrying out the most mundane of tasks—working, cleaning, eating, playing—as well as living and dead animals. He alternates freely between landscapes, portraits, still-lifes, and detail shots. Other than a powerful flash that pulls his figures out of the background into relief, Willman does not manipulate his images at all. By focusing on the unspectacular minutiae, he believes his work to operate within a symbolic register; the figures disappear and the photographs reemerge as an imprint of a shared moment between photographer, subject, and light.

Austrian, b. 1952