Manierre Dawson, ‘Figure Party-Colored’, 1913, Hollis Taggart Galleries

This painting is recorded in the Dawson record under the heading "1913": "Figure party-colored, 44 x 36, card board."

Signature: Signed and dated lower right: “M. Dawson ‘13”

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The artist
Estate of the artist
Dr. Lewis Obi, Frank McKeown, and Lefferts Mabie, 1978
To present owner, 1991

About Manierre Dawson

Manierre Dawson’s abstract paintings and sculptures incorporate simplified mathematical and geometric shapes, such as hyperbolas, parabolas, and circles, into muted, non-representational compositions. Non-objective and lacking any central subject matter, his works often suggest fragmented landscapes or the movement of the human body, paralleling the work of contemporaries Marcel Duchamp and Umberto Boccioni. Dawson is considered one of the pioneers of American abstraction. Later in his career he would become an early experimenter with mixed-media sculpture, working in laminated particleboard, wood composites, and found materials.

American, 1887-1969, Chicago, Illinois

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