Manuel Solano, ‘untitled-a perfect circle-exploring the target logo’, 2014, envoy enterprises

About Manuel Solano

In contrast to his past work—videos and internet-based art rooted in issues of over sharing and the manipulation of identity—Manuel Solano has worked almost exclusively with paint on paper in recent years. After losing his sight to an HIV-related bacterial infection, Solano began painting as a distraction from the pain, allowing the activity to become a form of release and temporary escape. Solano’s paintings are centered on his identity as a transgender person living with HIV, often addressing memories, identity, and the artist’s past as a means of making sense of the present. His text-based works and portraits, which are made with inexpensive paints and paper, reflect the necessity of his art making and contain references with deep personal meanings.

Mexican, b. 1987

Group Shows on Artsy

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