Mara Irsara, ‘Bra-celet, Bracelet’, 2016, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross
Mara Irsara, ‘Bra-celet, Bracelet’, 2016, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross
Mara Irsara, ‘Bra-celet, Bracelet’, 2016, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross

This "Bra-celet" Bracelet by Mara Irasra was featured in the 2016 edition of Gioielli in Fermento.

There can’t be freedom without constraint, and there is no constraint without freedom.
The tension between transformation and constraint is at the heart of my creative thinking. Much like the tension of transforming a grape into wine, my jewellery embraces this concept of movement and transformation between form, material and connections.

The creative thought is bound by various physicalities, such as the wearibility of the jewellery and the characteristics of the chosen material. The transposition of the concept to reality is only born by consciously merging material with creative freedom. The resulting piece of jewellery is nothing if not having life breathed into it by wearing, owning and interacting with it. We activate it and set it on a life-long journey to collect and absorb its surroundings. The wearer is elevated to starting a dialog, with this object, his surrounding or even him/herself by engaging with the games inherent in a piece. More then simple adornment, the objects are miniature sculptures, small universes, which release the power of the material. Every piece asks to be considered, demands a stance. It is not solely wanting aesthetic pleasure.

This same power is released from the simple grape, which transform and evolves into its final form: wine. The simple shape starts a dialectic between open and closed, curved and straight, soft and hard, coloured and metallic. This creates multiple expressions and uses, similar to the many types and colours of the wine.

This basic shape refers to the geometric symbol of the circle, and in the same way the final assembly creates a circle, continuously changing by the demand of the wearer. Wine and jewellery can accompany a daily meal or be the main character for an important evening. You might even say that the effects of the jewellery should be similar to those of the wine, exuberant and inebriating –within a certain limit, of course.

Gioielli in Infermento, The Gallery at Reinstein | Ross, October 20- November 26, 2016

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