Marc Baroud & Marc Dibeh, ‘Corner tidy’, 2012, Art Factum Gallery

About Marc Baroud & Marc Dibeh

Though both Marc Baroud and Marc Dibeh maintain their own busy architecture and design practices, they join creative forces now and again on collaborative projects. They are both based in Beirut, and they first began working together when Dibeh completed his studies and joined Baroud’s studio. With Baroud’s encouragement, Dibeh eventually left to strike out on his own. The two have come back together to work on projects like their “WIRES” series. Premised on the flexibility and versatility of a simple steel rod, this series encompasses a whimsical, elegant range of home furnishings, including lamps, tables, desks, and shelving and organization units. These are all structured out of a length of steel, bent into basic geometrical shapes, and then combined with other materials. Through such works, Baroud and Dibeh celebrate and experiment with form without sacrificing function.

Lebanese, based in Beirut, Lebanon