Marc Baroud, ‘Tessera Ottoman – Bench’, 2012, Carwan Gallery
Marc Baroud, ‘Tessera Ottoman – Bench’, 2012, Carwan Gallery

Tessera in Latin is the individual tile, usually formed in the shape of a cube used in creating mosaics. It is also number 4 in Greek. Tessera is a handcrafted line of products built with leather-bound walnut units of 4x4x4cm. Tessera questions rigidity, flexibility, assemblage, pattern, and modularity. Increasingly more defined, detailed, and fragile, but at the same time progressively more three-dimensional.

Carwan commission, produced in Lebanon 2012

About Marc Baroud

Lebanese architect and product designer Marc Baroud has an extensive oeuvre, ranging from furniture and luxury product design to corporate building projects. After completing his degrees in interior architecture and furniture design from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (where he has been teaching since 2004 and is now head of the design school), as well as studying industrial design in Paris, Baroud established a brand development company in Beirut and later, co-founded RGMB-ad, a multidisciplinary architecture and design firm that designs domestic homes in addition to corporate, retail, and office spaces. As a furniture designer, Baroud is concept-driven and innovative; his “Tessera” series is constructed of 4 x 4 x 4 cm circular units that are bound by a band of leather and formed into furniture. Confronting the idea of fragility, his Tessera Lounge Chair is in fact a fully functional recliner.

Lebanese, based in Beirut, Lebanon