Marc du Plantier, ‘Night-Light’, ca. 1960, Galerie Marcilhac

Of cylindrical shape, in gilt bronze with tripod legs. Piece of parchment paper reeled.

Signature: Signed with the monogram and marked M. du Plantier, stickers of the project of the hotel under the base with the indications of the artist.

This lamp is probably the prototype realized for the hotel Phoenicia Intercontinental in Beyrouth, Liban, which unfortunaly never opened. Information regarding the realization of the lighting are located under the base of the lamp.
In November 1965, while passing through Paris, Marc Du Plantier received the prestigious Légion d’honneur from Michel Maurice-Bokanowskila, a prize which he was awarded three years before. Accompanied by his new public relations agent, Lee Anderson, he flew to Koweït, hoping he would find there new clients and new projects. Nonetheless, after several mundane evenings swarmed with abortive contacts, they both decided to take off to Beyrouth. The hotel Phoenicia located in the city, which Du Plantier described as « a limit, not completely Orient, however not completely Europe, suggested him to work on the development of the hotel’s new wing. Unfortunately, the project was refused and no furniture was ever created, with the exception of a single room. This Night-Light lamp was part of it and remains a unique centerpiece of Du Plantier’s work.

Yves Badetz, Marc du Plantier, Éditions Norma, Paris, 2010, la veilleuse reproduite p. 405.

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