About Marc Fish

Known for his handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces, Marc Fish began creating industrial design works around the year 2000, when he found himself harboring what he identified as “a burning desire to create six dining chairs.” With a background in metal fabrication, Fish gravitates toward the use of steel in his designs, though he has also developed experimental techniques for manipulating materials—such as micro-stacking laminated wood and creating a double-compound curve in wood. His ongoing, iconic “Signature” line adds only one new design per year. Fish draws inspiration from natural forms and historical precedents, particularly Victorian natural history, mollusks, and the Nautilus shell.

British, based in London, United Kingdom

Group Shows on Artsy

Studio Contemporary 2016, Todd Merrill Studio, Southampton
Todd Merrill Studio Southampton, Todd Merrill Studio, Southampton
Furniture with Soul II, Gallery NAGA, Boston