Marc Ganzglass, ‘Rabbits (Galvanizing)’, 2013, Sandra Gering Inc

About Marc Ganzglass

Describing his work as “a quotient separated from the rest of the equation,” Marc Ganzglass produces sculptures, films, and installations that merge science, industry, and art. He explains, “[I]n a solvable equation there can be contained an un-solvable subset, that something will always be inconclusive. I’m particularly interested in situations like this that take place within the structures you find in manufacturing, science and engineering […].” One such structure Ganzglass explores in Tricolor/BothSidesNow (2007) is that of the finely choreographed industrial shipping routes that were disrupted when the Tricolor ship sank. Through an evocative video of the wreckage and salvage operations, overlaid with a remake of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now,” Ganzglass uses a rupture in a system to examine its inner workings.

American, b. 1973, Washington, D.C., based in Brooklyn, New York