Marc Petrovic, ‘Magritte's Bottle #9’, 2013, Madison Gallery

About Marc Petrovic

Despite working primarily with glass, a medium commonly viewed as a craft material, Marc Petrovic “strive[s] to make content driven work that stresses the idea at its core rather than the seductive material it is made from.” He is best known for his “Avian” series, nearly two decades in the making, which employs bird imagery as “a metaphor for my ruminations of relationships, parenting, home, and shelter,” as he describes. In another series titled “Find and Seek”, clear glass spheres containing air bubbles in the shape of letters are arranged in a grid to form words pertaining to things sought and found. His exquisite craftsmanship belies a complex production process that involves pressing the letters into the center of a halved sphere, fusing the halves together, and then grinding and polishing it to perfection. As with all his work, these pieces provoke reflection on ideas that “both intrigue and befuddle” the artist.

American, b. 1967, based in Essex, Connecticut