Marcello Lo Giudice, ‘Eden Blu’, 2016, UNIX Gallery

About Marcello Lo Giudice

An artist of the European art informal movement, Marcello Lo Giudice uses thick layers of pigment to create tactile paintings that resembles geological forms. After experimenting with conceptual art during the 1970s—working with wax, smoke, burned paper, and organic materials—Lo Giudice developed a visceral style of painting that employs light, energy, and pigment. His paintings are grounded in an admiration of nature and an interest in cosmic energies. Lo Giudice’s sculptural work expands on his painting practice, featuring new materials to amplify his theories. The “Totem” series consists of burned or emptied mattress frames filled with colorful ceramics. Each piece calls attention to global atrocities and acts as both an emblem of violence and a symbol of rebirth.

Italian, b. 1957, Taormina, Sicily, based in Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy