Marcello Maloberti, ‘La vertigine della Sig.ra Emilia 2’, 1992, Galleria Raffaella Cortese

About Marcello Maloberti

Marcello Maloberti is best known for orchestrating social situations, spaces, and interventions that stimulate public interaction, drawing critical attention to contemporary issues. Maloberti’s early photographic works also had performative elements, and frequently featured as subjects his close relatives. In more recent works, he has featured non-professional actors participating in events of his imagining; his casts have included adults and adolescents alike. Maloberti’s works have been referred to as “living sculptures” with reference to his formal and careful consideration of the body’s form and physical properties in space. Maloberti also documents and presents his performance works in the form of photographs, artist’s books, or videos; the works themselves often make use of sculptures and collages.

Italian, b. 1966, Codogno, Lodi, Italy, based in Milan, Italy