Marcelo Amorim, ‘Initiation’, 2011, Zipper Galeria

About Marcelo Amorim

Marcelo Amorim takes a critical approach to archival materials and the concept of nostalgia in his work, appropriating images from marginal historical documents such as manuals and textbooks. Amorim’s art, which encompass film, oil on canvas, and watercolor on paper, possesses a spare and diaphanous quality, highlighting the historical distance between the subject matter and the moment of the work’s creation. His semi-realistic painting style heightens the quiet and innocent quality of the appropriated images. Amorim’s titles emphasize the didactic quality of the source material and raises questions about historical cultural values and their evolution over time. In doing so, he creates a connection between the contemporary nostalgic qualities of the historic image and its original purpose.

Brazilian, b. 1977, Goiânia, Brazil, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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