Marcia Hafif, ‘Olive Green’, 1995, Galerie Mark Müller

Image rights: Marcia Hafif and Galerie Mark Müller

About Marcia Hafif

Since the 1970s, Marcia Hafif has been committed to process-oriented monochrome painting, working in a range of hues on serialized colored canvases that continue the medium-specific advances made by such forebears as Robert Rauschenberg, Alexander Rodchenko, and Robert Ryman. Based in Southern California, Hafif seeks to highlight the essential qualities of both paint and color, favoring an approach that is more exploratory and deconstructive than reductionist. Hafif contends that she is not breeding sameness but similarity, as she attempts to answer questions through repetition. The artist mixes her own oil paints, which are less consistent than commercial versions and enable her to create subtle gradients and tensions among hues. Although she is best known for her monochromes, a steady observational style also permeates her photographs, videos, and text-based work.

American, 1929-2018, Pomona, California