Marcin Dudek, ‘Dis-Miss’, 2016, Yeo Workshop

About Marcin Dudek

Exploring the ways in which we construct and inhabit enclosed spaces, Marcin Dudek’s work is informed by his experience growing up in Polish housing estates. Whether it be the channels used to smuggle drugs through the US-Mexico border or the Cu Chi tunnels used by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War, Dudek’s sculptures and prints probe at the meanings behind these claustrophobic territories. His massive, cave-like installations provide an immersive entrypoint into these cramped and psychologically charged zones, while his newer collages incorporate materials such as PVC tape, vinyl, and cotton into fragmented geometric patterns, suggesting a printed puzzle or cryptic blueprints for the spaces that occupy his imagination.

Polish, b. 1979, Krakow, Poland, based in Brussels, Belgium