Marcin Rusak, ‘Perishable Vase’, 2015, A Future Made
Marcin Rusak, ‘Perishable Vase’, 2015, A Future Made

Just like flowers, these objects are not meant to last.In our developed, technological, globalized world we make and consume more objects than any civilization before us. But what trace will we leave behind? Phone cases that are used for three years or less but last for twenty, or two thousand years? Children’s toys and electronics that are slightly shabby and out of style within a few years? My research and material development has been focused on these questions and the possibility of perishable objects to leave a record that is a better reflection of our values. When objects are perishable, it is the ones that we value and preserve that will last, rather than those which outlived our interest in them.

Design Days Dubai 2016
Future Heritage, Decorex.
"Ready, Made, Go", Modern Design Review and ACE Hotel Shoreditch
"What is Luxury?" V&A
Biennale internationale Design Saint-Etienne

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