Marco Fusinato, ‘Mass Black Implosion (Mikrokosmos: Buzzing, Bela Bartok)’, 2012, Anna Schwartz Gallery

About Marco Fusinato

Experimenting with the boundaries between sound and visual art, Marco Fusinato creates darkly energized artworks, both in space and on paper, that explore extremism in art, music, and politics. His installation Aetheric Plexus tested his audience’s sensory threshold by blasting visitors with blinding white light and white noise. His “Mass Black Implosion” series, consisting of fine lines drawn over the scores of avant-garde composers, is a revolt against linear progression and an exploration of the graphical dimension of sound. Fusinato also composes; he has collaborated with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and the Dead C's Bruce Russell and has engaged in long-duration performances in the mode of musicians such as Morton Feldman.

Australian, b. 1964, Australia, based in Melbourne, Australia