Marco Maggi, ‘Motherboard’, 2014, Hosfelt Gallery

About Marco Maggi

Marco Maggi makes small-scale drawings and delicate etchings on household products, everyday commercial goods, room-sized installations, and objects resembling architectural models and maquettes. “Fast viewers see, from far away, a drawing as a blank sheet,” he says. “Slow viewers can read the same drawing ten times, switching perspectives and conclusions. […] I am interested in the particular protocol of manners and pace in the viewing process.” When viewed from a distance, Maggi’s work conceals its complexity and intricacy; one must literally approach it to gain full comprehension. For Reynolds Wrap (2008) he engraved intricate, machinery-reminiscent patterns onto a roll of aluminum foil, while for Hotbed (2009) he embedded tiny sculptures in a massive array of carved stacks of paper.

Uruguayan, b. 1957, Montevideo, Uruguay, based in New York, uruguay