Marco Nereo Rotelli, ‘DIVINA NATURA Field of Light 1’, 2013, Hilton Asmus

Born in Venice in 1955, Marco Nereo Rotelli lives and works in Milan and Paris. He holds an MBA in Architecture. For years Rotelli researched light and the poetic dimension, which Harald Szeemann has defined “an expansion of the artistic contest”. Rotelli has created a solid relationship between art and other disciplines of knowledge for years. Involving in his research as a consequence, philosophers, musicians, photographers, film directors, but mainly the relationship is between his art and poetry, which has become a constant reference to his work. He has illuminated major monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Musee du Petit Palais in paris, the Beijing Olympics and has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale numerous times.

On Monday, June 24, 2013, Marco Nereo Rotelli illuminated the North and West facades of the Field Museum of Natural History with the poetry of seven of Chicago's most respected poets curated by artist/poet Arica Hilton.

The installation at the Field Museum of Natural History was a journey into "nature" such as it is presented in the verses of Dante Alighieri's INFERNO and PARADISO in order to establish a link with the history of the Museum. The work is dedicated to the metaphorical strength of the animals in Dante's Inferno: the panther, the cheetah, the lion....symbols of damnation and virtue. An illuminating journey among numerology and astrology, animal allegories, symmetry and parallelism transforming the Field Museum into a spectacular page of poetry able to carry the mind into a timeless space.

Every installation by Marco Nereo Rotelli within urban context, is awe inspiring, almost as a suspension of space and time leading the spectator through a journey made of colors, music and poetic verses when projected resemble itineraries.

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