Marco Pittori, ‘Swimming Pool Pink (framed)’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse
Marco Pittori, ‘Swimming Pool Pink (framed)’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse

Marco Pittori has always worked with photography. He uses his own or the licensed photographs of others, such as renowned Los Angeles photographer Brad Elterman. "Brad’s photos provide a rare, often raunchy glimpse into a rock and roll history where it seems Brad is always at the right place at the right time, camera ready.” –DiscoSalt. Pittori collects and edits the images, adding additional points of interest throughout the photograph.

The current series of Marco Pittori’s multi-layered photographs are based on Brad Elterman’s iconic images “Behind the Beverly Hills Hotel, 1977”. The motifs are carefully placed and layered, until they reveal a whole new reality. They are set in a new context and transformed with the help of strong colors. Realities that seemed irrevocable ask us to question facts and to rethink again.

Marco Pittori was born 1978. He lives and works in Switzerland. He has been exhibiting internationally since 1999. He studied at the Graphic school in Aarau, Switzerland in stone, gravure, screen and letterpress.

This artwork is matted and framed in a white frame and acrylic glass. A certificate of authenticity and hanging hardware are included. $250 shipping within Continental US. Affordable worldwide shipping options available.

Public Works / Collections
2013 Sammlung Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, Liestal
2013 Sammlung Migros Bank, Base
2012 Ramones Museum, Berlin
2012 Sammlung Arthur Cohn
2011 Nachlass Sammlung Gunter Sachs
2008 / 2010 Rist management, Switzerland
2006 Gruner AG, Basel
2006 Psychiaterische services, Liestal, Switzerland
2005 Bank of Baselland, Liestal, Switzerland
2004 / 2007 Birshof clinic, Münchenstein, Switzerland
2003/2004/2005 Kantonalbank Baselland, Liestal, Switzerland
2002 / 2004 Cantonal Hospital, Liestal, Switzerland

Solo Exhibitions
2012 Sichtbar Hamburg, kuratiert von Cosma Shiva Hagen
2011 Arlesheim Apartments
2010 Galerie Eulenspiegel "Cafe Dallas", Basel, Switzerland
2007 Galerie Louise Grossenbach, Winterthur, Switzerland
2004 / 2006 Coop, Muttenz, Switzerland
2002 / 2004 Cantonal Hospital, Liestal, Switzerland
2002 Castle fields estate, Basel, Switzerland
1999 Pathologie, Basel, Switzerland

Group Exhibitions
2016 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, US
2015 New York Affordable Art Fair, New York
2013 Gallery Lumas, Zurich, Vienna, Munich
2013 Cultural Association Muttenz, Switzerland
2013 Peach Editions, New York
2013 Galerie Hamburg Kennedy, New York
2012 Galerie Eulenspiegel "Nude Hollywood", Basel, Switzerland
2011 Galerie Zero, Art Plan-B Project, Berlin, Germany
2011 Kunst und Stadthalle Zug, "Pop Art in Zug", Switzerland
2011 Galerie Ohne Titel, Winterthur, Switzerland
2011 Artspace Warehouse, Basel Junction L.A., Los Angeles
2010 Gallery Lumas, New York
2010 Kunstwarenhaus, Zurich, Switzerland
2010 Workshop Wolfensberger, Atelier Exhibition with Dominique Lämmli, Celcile Wick, Samuel Burri, Switzerland
2010 International Symposium on lithography, Tidaholm, Sweden
2010 "pop art train" with Sam Shaw and Jörg Döring
2009 Gallery Lumas, Stuttgart "fabulous Las Vegas", Germany
2009 Gallery Eulenspiegel "Artists of the Gallery", Switzerland
2009 Gallery Münchow, Zurich, "pop is hot", Switzerland
2009 Gallery Kunstreich, Bern, Switzerland
2009 Train, "modern art and Town Hall way turn"
2009 Gallery Münchow, Zurich, "urban street art", Switzerland
2008 Photo L.A., Gallery Scalo Guye, Los Angeles with Baltasar Burkhart, A. Strba, Stefanie Schneider
2008 Gallery Scalo Guye, Los Angeles
2008 Gallery Eulenspiegel, Basel pure pop art (with Steve Kaufman, former Assistant to A. Warhol), Switzerland
2007 Galerie Thoma & Thoma, Basel with Brad Elterman "Like it was Yesterday", Switzerland
2007 Gallery of Lumas, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt with St. Schneider, M. A. Strba, Germany
2007 Galerie Louise Grossenbach, Winterthur, Switzerland
2007 Photo Miami, Gallery Scalo Guye, Los Angeles with Baltasar Burkhart, A. Strba, Stefanie, Schneider, D. Armstrong
2006 Gallery i9, Regensdorf, Switzerland
2006 Black art 8, Effingen
2006 Art room 06, lower factory, Sissach, Switzerland
2005 V Gallery, "Angel", Basel, Switzerland
2005 Gallery Thoma & Thoma Edition 500 with B. Luginbühl, O. Mansutti 1999 Gallery of St. marks, Australia
2004 Gallery i9, Regensdorf
2002 / 2003 Christmas exhibition District 6, Zurich, Switzerland
2000 / 2002 Young, Olten, Förderung durch artig
2000 Pathologie, Basel

2010 Lithography "Memphis"
2009 Book “Künstler waren Kinder” in Wolfsberg Verlag, Switzerland
2007 Lithography Foundation Louise Grossenbach, Switzerland
2006 Serigraph Gruner AG, Switzerland
2006 Art calendar Basel artists, Verlag Schaub Medien Sissach, Switzerland
2005 Illustrations for COOP magazine Forte, Switzerland
2005 Lithographs for exhibition 2006
2004 various lithographs for exhibitions
2003 Lithography for graphical Forum, Zurich, Switzerland
2002 Praline packaging for Rondo AG, Allschwil, Switzerland

Signature: Signed by the artist on the front

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