Marco Rountree, ‘Untitled’, 2017, PROXYCO

About Marco Rountree

Marco Rountree once described his artistic practice as being “about how you can give importance to objects by taking them home and treating them like a decoration.” This fondness for surprising combinations and visual ornamentation finds its roots in Rountree’s days as a graffiti artist. His series “Walking Objects” (2011) and “Toilet Paradiso” (2011) comprised string and golden necklaces with pendants made out of various commonplace items or foods—objects meant as ironic visual puns, to stand in for cultural talismans. More recently Rountree has followed this theme through installations of books in which he has folded the pages, robbing the volumes of their intended function and turning them into aesthetic objects.

Mexican, b. 1982, Mexico City, Mexico, based in Mexico City, Mexico

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