Marcos Avila Forero, ‘Palenqueros - Drum Pechiche’, 2013, Dohyang Lee
Marcos Avila Forero, ‘Palenqueros - Drum Pechiche’, 2013, Dohyang Lee

with the Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès 2 sets of 5 drums

Tanners from the leatherworkshops prepared the raw skins into parchments according to the traditional technic the colonists used to prepare hides on which they would draw their cartographies. On those skins I transposed the history of the palenqueros.
To stretch the drums heads, craftsmen handmade similar hemp ropes as the ones they used to use for galleons sails rigging. The bodies of the drums are made of chestnut staves, as the ones that were originally used to transport merchandises.
As the Bantu musicians will have to adapt their beats and read into the codes and conventions of the Palenque music - the same way the French artisans had to read into the colonial history as well as the Palenque craftsmanship in order to make these drums - they are not only to be considered as an artistic creation meant to be exhibited, but also as instruments and objects of study.

Image rights: © Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès

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