Marcus Harvey, ‘Illustration for Edgar Allen Poe's 'Murder's in La rue Morgues’, 2003, Vigo Gallery

About Marcus Harvey

Though Marcus Harvey gained recognition when his painting of serial killer Myra Hindley was included in the “Sensation” exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London (1997), and has since been classed as a Young British Artist (YBA), he is driven by his enduring interest in materials and technique, not shock value. Since the YBAs came to prominence, he has remained under the radar, pursuing painting and sculpture, and, more recently, the crossover between them. As he explains: “There is a [kind of] painting that releases a charge that goes to your thumb. It makes you want to pull the painting into the world. And there are sculptures whose fluidity make you want to celebrate the urge to paint.” Working figuratively, and with subjects ranging from porn to politics, Harvey foregrounds the lush physicality of art making in everything he produces.

British, b. 1963