Margeaux Walter, ‘Vacay’, 2012, Winston Wächter Fine Art

Drawing on personal experiences and stories, Margeaux Walter forms an intimate exploration of daily life on a familial, social, and personal level. Each piece is built from multiple images; real photographs, scale models and studio portraits.Walter plays with the border between reality and fantasy, and incorporates a 3-dimensional effect to replicate the visual imagery that we constantly see in the media and advertising. Using lenticulars, each piece allows the viewer to move along with the images and immerse themselves in the embarrassment, loneliness, laughter, and uncanny moments that are present both in these images, and in everyday life.

About Margeaux Walter

With her satirical, highly staged photographs and videos, Margeaux Walter comments on the over-abundance of images that bombard us daily and explores their effect on our identities. “By using the visual cues of advertising, staged environments, studio lighting, and saturated imagery, my work functions as an alternative campaign for the psychological effects of modern life,” she writes. Her photographs are composed of an assortment of images and are produced using technology that lends them a 3-D effect. She plays all of the roles in her works, donning disguises and shooting herself in the midst of everyday scenes—a couple dining out, sunbathers on a rooftop, even a woman using the toilet—that have gone either subtly or dramatically awry. Often, Walter reveals how our technology and possessions threaten to overtake us, suggesting that we are consumed by our consumerist culture.

American, b. 1982, Seattle, Washington, based in New York, New York