Mari Kim, ‘Hello Kitty Black’, 2016, Pontone Gallery

About Mari Kim

Mari Kim calls the recurring figure in her work “Eyedoll,” a cartoon-like, porcelain-skinned female distinguished by her large oval eyes. In Kim’s lustrous ink-on-canvas prints, Eyedoll stares directly out from the surface; she dons different outfits and guises while standing against different backgrounds. As Eyedoll shifts through identities, Kim makes subtle alterations to the figure’s iris patterns, matching changes in costume to changes in mood. The relentless seriality of her work attends to questions of how identity can be altered with props and fashion, and it also models a kind of fetishistic Asian female identity that is confrontational in its forwardness.

South Korean, b. 1979, Seoul, South Korea, based in Seoul, South Korea

Solo Shows

Pontone Gallery Taiwan | Mari kim | 混亂世代中的羅曼史
AP Contemporary, 
Hong Kong,

Group Shows

New York,
The “F” Word – Feminism in Art
New York,
"The 'F' Word: Feminism in Art" A Group Show of 20 Female Artists
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