Maria Alexandra Pirici, ‘Soft Power - Sculptural Additions to Petersburg Monuments’, 2014, International Manifesta Foundation

Image rights: Credit of the photo: If You Don’t Want Us, We Want You, 2011. Intervention in public space, Bucharest. Courtesy of the artist.

About Maria Alexandra Pirici

Maria Alexandria Pirici is a choreographer, performer, and video artist, whose work is often a mix of both; in fact, she likes to describe her work as undisciplined. Pirici’s ongoing interest lies in issues of public space, refuge, social engagement, and interpersonal interaction. Pirici is perhaps best known for her re-enactments, or staged interpretations, reacting against public heroic monuments and buildings in Bucharest; in these, a cast of performers in street clothes use their bodies to imitate particular forms found in the statuary or architecture.

Romanian, b. 1982