Maria Berrio, ‘Knitting the Wind’, 2016, Praxis

BFK Rives paper

Signature: yes + certificate of authenticity

Publisher: Praxis Prints

About Maria Berrio

Using torn bits of ornately patterned Japanese paper, paint, sequins, and other materials, Maria Berrio makes intricate collages that evoke dreams, myths, and fairy tales. Often populated with female figures, her compositions also feature animals, flowers, and mythical beings set within heavily patterned surroundings. Though her scenes appear otherworldly, Berrio draws from her own thoughts and experiences as she crafts each piece. “A lot of my work is autobiographical…it could be about me, or my time in the world and how I am feeling or what I am imagining,” she says. “Of course, it also relates to other people and other things too, to imaginary beings, to ecology, to magical realism, to surrealism too, but at the same time [it] is always me.”

Colombian, b. 1982, Bogota, Colombia