Maria Laet, ‘Dobra’, 2016, Galeria Marilia Razuk

About Maria Laet

In quiet black-and-white and color photographs, Maria Laet captures organic and inorganic objects—a needle, balloon, wood, or chalk—and stages and photographs actions, such as a thread being stitched into a beach, or a drop of ink being blown across a sheet of paper. “There is an act, as a ritual, in which the first poetry of the work is condensed,” she has said. “I refer to it as the first poetry because it gives birth to the work, it is in its most pulsating state, intense and precarious.” For her “Pavement Milk” series (2008), she poured buttermilk into pavement cracks in the streets of London, and photographed the results, framing them in dynamic compositions.

Brazilian, b. 1982