Maria Martinez-Cañas, ‘Bunker Series 005’, 2013, Julie Saul Gallery

In collaboration with Rafael Domenech

About Maria Martinez-Cañas

Maria Martinez-Cañas tests the limits of photography, using nearly every form of the medium—from analog to digital, color to black-and-white, camera-less to camera-based—to create photographs, collages, videos, and mixed-media installations through which she explores the mutability of identity and perception. As she explains, her own background shapes her vision and work: “Because I consider myself to be a Cuban-born, Puerto Rican-grown American citizen, […] the three cultures have had a different way of making me realize how I react to my environment, to the way that I look at the world.” Blurred, fragmented, collaged, and layered, the images in Martinez-Cañas’s works are ambiguous; the plants, people, urban and domestic scenes, and microorganisms of her compositions are altered by photography into symbols of perception, filtering the world, as the camera filters images, through ourselves.

Cuban, b. 1960, Havana, Cuba

Solo Shows

New York,
Maria Martinez-Cañas: Photo Paintings

Group Shows

Fair History on Artsy

Julie Saul Gallery at Miami Project 2014