Maria Passarotti, ‘Marking Her Trail’, 2013, Susan Eley Fine Art

About Maria Passarotti

Maria Passarotti explores the interaction of nature and humanity; specifically, natural environments that have been redefined by their inhabitants. Her photographs capture the presence of humans in suburban settings, like parking lots, alleyways, and dead ends, where each environment is loaded with clues of the human footprint but often absent of their physical presence—"desolate, but charged with life," as she has said. In Roof Top Grand Street (2005), a view of barren city architecture uses tags of graffiti to suggest the hand of man. Though she grew up in suburban New Jersey, Passarotti is also interested in the topographic, rural landscape of the United States, and has taken extensive road trips to capture the landscape solely through side-of-road, parking lot, and designated tourist views, ultimately showing the mark of humanity on the wilderness of America.

American, Cresskill, New Jersey, based in Tappan, New York