Maria Sarmiento, ‘Custodia’, 2003, Studio 905 on Juniper

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About Maria Sarmiento

In each of her sculptures, Maria Sarmiento taps into cultural histories and conjures ancient spiritualities and desires for transcendence. The pieces are both industrial and primal, made of materials such as wood, ceramics, cast glass and metals, cement, steel, paper, and myriad recycled objects. The combined media evoke a foreboding sense of power. In Too Close Too Far (1996), steel, copper, and cast glass make up a cog-like disk with sharp talons protecting its exposed center, in which the glass sits. Sarmiento imbues her works with references to biological traits like quills and shells, and combines them with the fabricated human objects, effectively challenging the divide between biological and manmade.

Colombian, Bogota, Colombia, based in Atlanta, Georgia