Maria Turchenkova, ‘Mosque’, Galleri Duerr

A man seen in a burned-out mosque in Karamakhi, Dagestan. In June 2012, unknown armed people came here after the evening pray, killed Imam and 2 parishioners and set fire to the mosque. Officials claimed it was done by the Islamist fighters, in order to frighten those who do not want to commit to the Arabian Salafi methodology. The village of Karamakhi was the scene of heavy fighting when Chechnya based militants launched an armed incursion to Dagestan from Chechnya in 1999. This invasion became the reason for launching the Russian troops in Chechnya, starting the Second Chechen war. Karamakhi, Dagestan, 2012.

Lydmar Hotel Stockholm December 1—February 26.

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