Mariah Robertson, ‘426’, 2013, BAM Art Auction 2014

Estimate $6,000. Brooklyn-based artist Mariah Robertson works primarily with photography, though her work is frequently exhibited as installations. She often allows her photographs to break free from the frame and ripple on the floor, or cut in unpredictable ways. Her work explores experimentation and “alternative historical processes from photography’s shadowy beginnings with Victorian chemical hobbyists.”

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist

About Mariah Robertson

Mariah Robertson is a rule-breaker. For her experimental, mid-sized to monumental photographs, she manipulates chemicals and materials to create handmade color and black-and-white prints, in which she pushes photography past documentation into abstraction. In her words, “I like to take a system and then sort of bend the rules, and change them, and shake the system to see what the breaking points are and what the functional points are.” She came to photography through her early performance pieces, initially using it as a tool to document these “social experiments.” This eventually escalated to her rebellious embrace of the medium, and her production of lush, painterly prints, infused with wit and full of colorful stains, striations, geometric forms, and ghostly, fragmented images. Among them are pictures of nude men, through which Robertson turns the male artist/female model dynamic on its head.

American, b. 1975, Indianapolis, Indiana, based in Brooklyn, New York

Solo Shows

Los Angeles,
Los Angeles,
Solo Presentation: Mariah Robertson at Paris Photo Los Angeles

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Cleveland Museum of Art, 
Cleveland, OH, United States,
Process and Abstraction

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