Mariam Suhail, ‘Regrouping 1’, 2011, GALLERYSKE

89 x 65 cm each (diptych)

About Mariam Suhail

Bangalore-based artist Mariam Suhail takes common objects and unremarkable images and reveals their obfuscated ideologies and functions. Suhail, a participant in the 2015 Venice Biennale, forces viewers to focus on the minutiae of the familiar, eliciting new perspectives on items such as textbooks and newsprint. She often digitally manipulates found images. For the series “Working Drawings” (2014), for example, Suhail altered scanned pages from an instructional drawing booklet, transforming geometric figures to call attention to the marginalization of textbooks in light of new technologies. The artist’s engagement with old objects highlights temporal relationships; by framing the familiar as art, she extracts the histories and past value of objects, freezing them in time for both contemporary and future audiences.

Pakistani, b. 1979, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, based in Bangalore, India

Group Shows

New York,
Sakshi Gupta, Mariam Suhail and Avinash Veeraraghavan