Marianne Brandt, ‘No. 15 Kandem Table Lamp’, 1928, Chamber

From 1924, lamp design was a special field of interest at the Bauhaus, led by Brandt. This dark green lacquered desk lamp with a cast iron base was designed by Brandt in 1928 with the help of Hin Bredendiec. It was manufactured by a Liepzig-based company, Kandem, which mass-produced interior lighting.

Brandt organized the cooperation between Bauhaus and Kandem, which encouraged the Bauhaus artists to take the step from manual production of unique pieces to an industrially made consumer product. Kandem sold 50,000 lamps in just a few years. Its designs, especially those by Brandt, became milestones in design history.

Image rights: Loek Blonk

Leipzig, Germany

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